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Surgical Light

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Name : Surgical light
Model : LUCKYSTAR Surgical light

• Innovation: The doctor can operate product directly through the LED indicator lights shows
  the control status at the top of handle and the button control surgical light at the bottom
  of the handle and revolving the handle adjust luminance or color temp or light spot.
  This operation accords with man-machine engineering and rises efficiency and avoids
  the infection as the assistant can also operate the unsterile touch in the surgery.
• The product is designed by the standards of GB YY0627-2008
• Technical specifications: luminance: 100 klx-160klx;
   adjustment of color tempt: 3500K-5000K; color rendering index ≥95.

Name : Operating Lamp
Model : Flower Led Surgical light

• The real "cold" light source: Using LED as the light source.
• No worry about the heat of operation area and Head.
• "Daylight" quality.
• Very good color reproduction.
• Meet the high-end needs of surgical illumination.
• Specially designed optical system. Uniform illuminance.

Name : Examination Lamp
Model : EXLED 15

• Color temp adjustable
• New LED technology. Low power consumption
• Long working life
• Excellent illumination performance
• Various installation type patent applied